Smiling Woman Painting

Hobbies That Improve Dentistry Skills

Dentists need steady hands & keen hand-eye coordination to do their jobs well. In fact, dental schools typically test for those qualities before they allow individuals to join dentistry programs. While steady hands are often a genetic trait, you can improve your hand skills through practice.

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Baby Chewing on Teething Ring Toy

The Cutting Truth About Teething

Dentists recommend taking your child to their first dental appointment within six months of getting their first tooth or by 1 year old. Kids can start getting teeth as early as 4 months old, starting with the front teeth.

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Little girl with a big toothy smile

What to Know About Fluorosis

Dental professionals love to talk about fluoride. This substance is naturally occurring & benefits dental health by strengthening tooth enamel. Dental professionals usually recommend toothpaste with fluoride, & many types of floss & mouthwash also contain fluoride. Even drinking water can have it.

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